Client Reviews

Here are some wonderful testimonials from some of our great customers:

We live in the country of Panama and… in the process of attempting to map out places that all six of our buyers might be interested in visiting, I ran across Shannon saved our lives, as far as the trip went. I don’t know how to describe our satisfaction. Shannon met us at the airport, took us to our hotel and gave us a list of the showrooms where he had made appointments for us from the list of items that we thought we would be interested in. One of the most important things Shannon arranged was the consolidation of our goods with an international freight forwarder/consolidator, which could not have been better.

We were there for four days and without Shannon’s organization we would never have fulfilled our goals, both in terms of time and discounts we received because of his recommendation.

I would never attempt shopping [in High Point] again, without his help.

I give him a five star rating.


Pat Mains
Boquete, Panama

The service you provided us was priceless. I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but we were both overwhelmed with your professionalism, courtesy, servant hear