Is North Carolina Still a Good Place to Buy Furniture?

Buying furniture is an involved process, since these items will be an integral part of your everyday life. The various pieces you purchase will become the main features of the room they are located in. It's crucial to pick pieces that not only match your current décor, but are also flexible enough to fit into any future changes you make. In addition to aesthetics, price point can play a pivotal role as well. You will want to avoid breaking the bank, while still picking up furnishings that are not only attractive, but practical. While there are inexpensive pieces that you can purchase at a "big box" store, this furniture usually does not last as long; as a result, you may end up buying new furniture a lot faster than you would like.

Considering the various factors that go into furniture buying, buyers should weigh all their options before shopping. It is possible that a North Carolina resident may decide to do their furniture shopping outside their local area. In this age of technology and easy online shopping, today's consumer has far more options than ever before. But for those who desire the ability to shop in-person, for high quality furniture pieces, North Carolina continues to be a major destination.

North Carolina and the History of Furniture

North Carolina played a pivotal role in the birth and development of the booming furniture industry. North Carolina’s relationship with the furniture industry dates all the way back to the seventeenth century. As the America we know today was still in its infancy, artisans from England were settling into the state. These new migrants had to create their own furnishings using the abundant selection of hardwood trees growing in their local forest. They began crafting functional yet straightforward furniture to use in their homes, and for neighboring homes as well. As the news spread back to the homeland about the rich, fertile land across the ocean, more settlers migrated to North Carolina, specifically the Piedmont region, including High Point.

Why High Point Is the Capital of the Furniture Industry

High Point was the ideal place for furniture businesses for several important reasons. First, the area had an abundance of premium wood that could be easily transported to their respective factories. The second factor was its proximity to various railways and highways, making it easier to bring in outside materials and ship out their finished products. Finally, the area was brimming with new settlers eager to make their fortunes in a booming industry. This combination of factors led to High Point becoming the capital of the American furniture business.

High Point hosted its very first regional furniture trade fair in 1909, which allowed artisans and companies to sell their products to consumers from all over the area. This yearly event became so popular that it was made permanent, and is now known as the High Point Market. By the 1980s, over 90,000 North Carolina residents were employed by businesses in the furniture industry. However, this peak was short-lived as new competitors impacted this once booming industry in the late 1990s.

Why North Carolina Is Still a Great Place to Buy Furniture

There is no denying that the North Carolina furniture industry has taken a hit over the past few decades due to manufacturing and production competition from companies located in foreign countries. This vital industry still employs over 52,000 North Carolina residents, as it finds new ways to serve customers both locally and internationally. And the bi-annual furniture trade fair still attracts over 85,000 tourists into the state, contributing a whopping $1.2 billion in revenue to community businesses each year.

North Carolina is still the premier place to purchase furniture because of its commitment to high quality products and services. While overseas manufacturers may mass produce furnishings that retail for less, the difference in materials used, longevity, and overall product quality can not be denied. You can purchase a set of particle board cabinets that may last for about 5 years before starting to crumble from dry rot. Or you can invest in a set of hardwood cabinets that will last a lifetime. When you buy furniture from local vendors in North Carolina, you are not only helping support a vibrant community, you are purchasing quality furniture that will last a lifetime.

North Carolina has a long and rich history of being the "King of Fine Furniture". North Carolina is still a great place to buy furniture because people who are making it take pride in the quality and workmanship that goes into each piece. As long as local consumers and discerning tourists continue to shop for fine furniture in High Point, there is little doubt that the North Carolina furniture industry will continue to grow even stronger.