Individual Homeowners Ask for Our Help When Shopping for Furniture in High Point, NC

"Shannon is unfailingly polite, a great driver, and very knowledgeable about the area… as well as furniture and quality and prices. I have recommended him to others already."

Nancy Goslin visited High Point from Albany, NY, planning to shop over two days for living room furniture to suit a very large, awkward room. Right away, she saw the value of the personalized service High Point Furniture Shopping Tours offers. Nancy describes it like this: "Shannon was just a sweetie when I was stuck in the airport waiting for a car. He was so patient and switched gears flawlessly so we were able to start the next morning early and accomplish my goals in one day!"

Shannon took Nancy to more than 12 showrooms that day, and because she wanted to have the project done as quickly as possible, he made sure she was able to focus on what was available to purchase from the floor at each location. Because High Point Furniture Shopping Tours has excellent connections at area showrooms, Nancy was able to get in and out of each quickly while still seeing everything she had hoped to look at.

"It was a very successful trip," Nancy asserts. "With Shannon's help, I was able to …[find] fabulous furniture at very large discounts, and with the exception of one chair, it was all delivered pronto. We were finally able to entertain in comfort in our new home!"

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