International Clients Find Out It's Easy to Shop for Furniture in High Point

"What started out as a far-fetched idea turned into one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.... if shopping for furniture in North Carolina is on your list, then Shannon Neal must be at the top of it."

When Pat and Siobhan were planning a furniture-shopping trip to the United States from County Clare, Ireland, they found High Point Furniture Shopping Tours online. Initially, though, they were skeptical about the service, imagining they could do better on their own. However, after speaking with another happy customer from Ireland, the pair got in touch with Shannon Neal and began to plan their trip.

Pat and Siobhan were going to be in High Point for an entire week to shop not only for furniture for their new home, but also to find bed linens, draperies, rugs, lighting, hardware for their doors, hardwood flooring, a lawn mower, and many other items. Through regular phone and email correspondence leading up to their trip, Shannon not only helped Pat and Siobhan establish their "wish list" for furniture shopping, but also he provided them with other recommendations for their U.S. vacation.

High Point Furniture Shopping Tours collected the couple from the airport and got them settled into their hotel. Based on Pat and Siobhan's goals, Shannon had arranged appointments with experienced, friendly professionals at the top furniture showrooms. Over the course of their stay in High Point, he kept meticulous track of the planning and itinerary, freeing the couple up to concentrate on making their selections. As they described it, "He remained at our side throughout, always eager to assist us in any way possible. From buying furniture to fabrics, shutters to lawnmowers, bedding to bath…he arranged it all."

Ultimately, we found great selections for each and every piece they were looking for, and we ensured everything was delivered property to Pat and Siobhan’s home in Ireland. When dealing with international shipping, you have to be aware of country-specific import duties, differences in electrical requirements, and possible shipping restrictions. High Point Furniture Shopping Tours has the experience, knowledge, contacts, and resources to find options for every need imaginable, and to make sure everything is delivered just as you expect to your home in any domestic or international location…hassle free.

Pat said it best: "I have never met anyone in my professional or personal life quite like Shannon. He is best described as a true gentleman who will go to the ends of the earth to make your trip as free-flowing and memorable as is humanly possible … We are proud to say that we now consider Shannon a friend and look forward to meeting him again soon. Give him a call; you will find a friend, too."

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