Furnishing Your Home Away From Home

Should your second home play second fiddle style-wise? At High Point Furniture Tours, we do not think so. We think that furnishing your vacation home with well thought out pieces of furniture from High Point, North Carolina, can be simplified without sacrifice.

Having a perfectly designed vacation home whether you use it as a rental or keep it all to yourself, starts with following a few tips for buying furniture and furnishing a vacation home with a furniture shopping concierge. Finding the right home furniture can be easy.

The Challenge of Furnishing a Vacation Home

A vacation home is often neglected when it comes to stylish furnishings because who has time to furnish a primary home, then find the time to shop for furniture for a second home? This can be a particular challenge if your primary home and your vacation home are many miles apart. For example, if you have a primary residence in Greensboro, and have a beautiful place on Hilton Head, managing finding the right furniture store to purchase your furniture can be difficult without having someone who knows all of the furniture stores in High Point. Even if you live further east and have one of those beautiful Outer banks vacation properties, finding the right furniture at the best price can be challenging. We help our clients from both near and far to shop the renowned furniture showrooms in High Point NC, we even work with international furniture shoppers.

Having the experts from High Point Furniture Tours on your side can help you to find beautiful furnishings for your vacation home without the hassle.

Let High Point Furniture Shopping Tours Evaluate Your Needs

The right furnishings for your vacation home will support your lifestyle. Creating the perfect retreat for the whole family starts with evaluating your lifestyle. Do you have pets that travel with you to your vacation space? Do you have small children or grandchildren that will be occupying the space with you? What is your style vision?

Furnishing your vacation home for that relaxed stress-free living you are hoping for requires considering who else will be using the space. Durable pet-friendly furniture is also a good choice when you have small children. Furniture crafted from high-quality fabrics means worry-free enjoyment of the space for kids, pets, and you for a long time.

Setting up the space for the durability that you want without sacrificing style or comfort, starts with buying well-made furnishings that are crafted to deliver exceptional style. Buying quality furniture is the key to preserving the space and reducing the amount of replacement furniture you will have to buy over time.

vacation home
snow-covered vacation home

Setting the Backdrop for a Great Getaway Space

With the help of High Point Furniture Tours, you can highlight the assets of your property with great furnishings. You can choose a theme that highlights the positives of your location and create a vacation oasis. With our help, you can find the best furniture stores in High Point, NC that have the furniture styles you are looking for.

When you are thinking about what type of furnishing style you should go with, consider the location of your property. For example, is your property the vacation getaway with a beautiful ocean view or is it a cabin in the mountains with a great viewing spot for sunsets? Various furniture styles will work better with different settings.

International Clients Find Out It's Easy to Shop for Furniture in High Point

One of the keys to getting the most out of your vacation property is to maximize the space you have. You want to maximize the space by using furnishings that can do double duty. A great vacation starts with a perfect home outfitted with stylish comfortable furnishings that can serve multiple purposes.

Consider using bunk beds in the second bedroom. Two sets of bunk beds in a bedroom can make that one-bedroom into sleeping space for four. Daybeds with trundles are also a great option for vacation homes. They fold up neatly and provide a seating area during the day then transform at night into additional sleep space. With the right support, you can ensure you have plenty of room for that family reunion you have been wanting to host.

Other types of furniture that are meant to do double duty can help you to make the most out of your space. For example, a beautiful cabinet at the right height, with drawers built-in can make a gorgeous side table in the living room and can give you that bit of extra storage space you need.  Finding the perfect pieces for your vacation home is easy with High Point Furniture Tours as your guide.

Get Help Furnishing Your Vacation Home

Whether you want your beachfront home for the perfect beach vacation option for just you and your family, or you are furnishing your vacation home with the hopes of making it a hit on vacation rental websites a little help from a furniture concierge can go a long way.

Consider High Point Furniture Tours as your gateway to finding the perfect vacation home furnishings. We make finding the best furniture for furnishing a vacation home a pleasurable experience. Connect with us today and get the furniture of your dreams for your second home.

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