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Have You Recently Purchased a New Home or Are Breaking Ground Soon?

Congratulations! Purchasing a new home or taking the plunge to build a custom house is very exciting. Additionally, buying a house is a good investment and it's important to enjoy it. It’s also challenging and overwhelming if you aren’t quite sure how to furnish it yet. A new home means you’re ready for a new look, but it’s hard to figure out what the first move should be. It’s a hard feeling to beat – stepping foot in your new home with a fresh set of stylish furniture and interior décor that perfectly matches your taste.

Did you know that countless individuals, couples, and families make their way to High Point each year for furniture shopping? Many of our visitors are looking to furnish their new homes with a specific style in mind. By partnering with High Point Furniture Shopping Tours, families are able to make the most out of their trip to get the look they've been dreaming about for months, years, or even decades.

Furnishing Your New Home During Building

High Point Furniture Shopping Tours has been in the new home furnishing industry for years. We understand homeowners who are buying for the first time, building for the first time, or having a custom home built just for them. We've put together a few tips to help make the new home build a little easier and a lot more fun!

Many homebuyers start looking to furnish their new build home several months before move-in.

This is because shipping, manufacturing, and other furniture industry processes can take a while depending on where you're shopping and your personal taste in brands. By getting ahead of the curve, you can play it smart and have your furniture delivered roughly around the same time as you plan to move into your new construction home.

Start with the most "important" rooms first.

Consider where you spend the most amount of time in your home, where you entertain guests, and where you like to relax. Usually, the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms are great places to start. Once you figure out which rooms are the most important to you, you can start building out a list to furnish. High Point Furniture Shopping Tours can help you streamline the furnishing process by scheduling appointments with showrooms, furniture stores, antique shops, and other furnishing storefronts.

Understand measurements!

When you're furnishing a new home build, it's important to know the specifications of each room. This will come in handy when we're evaluating furniture and speaking with associates to find the right pieces that will best fit your spaces. The more information you have about your new construction home the better!

Shopping online or using catalogs can lead to regret later on.

Finding new pieces online can be a great way to hone your taste and hunt for innovative ideas. However, seeing furniture and home décor in person is imperative for making the right decision. Getting a feel for material and style in a showroom can help you visualize the finished space and ensure it’s cohesive.

Invest in the staple pieces.

Your investment pieces are the ones you're going to use the most. Furniture like sofas or couches, beds, and other larger pieces make a statement. It's important to invest in these to optimize your budget, get long-lasting and quality furniture, and avoid buyers' remorse in the future.

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Make Your New Construction House Your Home

The difference between a house and a home is that a home shows off your personality. New construction houses are ideal for creating spaces tailored to your exact needs. Now it's time to add your personal touch and ensure it's comfortable, stylish, and matches who you are. High Point Furniture Shopping Tours specializes in helping homeowners furnish:

  • New construction homes
  • Custom-built homes
  • Homes that need a little TLC
  • And more

Partner with High Point Furniture Shopping Tours in High Point, NC to make your new house your home. We offer concierge furniture shopping tours for an upscale, comprehensive shopping experience. Here are a few things our customers love about shopping with us:

  • High "designer" pricing discounts (typically between 40% – 60% off)
  • Arranged appointments with local, expert associates
  • Access to invitation-only showrooms
  • Guided tours to local furniture stores, galleries, antique stores, and specialty storefronts

From the master bedroom to the mother-in-law suite, High Point Furniture Shopping Tours can help you find the best furniture for your needs, at the very best prices. Completely furnish your new construction home easily with our help. Plus, we even work with showrooms to arrange shipping if you don't have the time or space to take your new purchases with you.

Custom Homes Need Custom Furnishing Solutions

Every customer has his/her unique style and personal taste. When it comes to furnishing the new home they’re building, people want a comfortable living space that reflects who they are. High Point Furniture Shopping Tours specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families find the right furniture that meets their needs and expresses their style.

  • Simple and Clean Line
  • Refined Rustic or Modern Farmhouse
  • Coastal Contemporary
  • Lowcountry

Together we can furnish your entire home in just a few hours! We arrange your schedule, negotiate discounts, and even help organize shipping with showrooms. High Point Furniture Shopping Tours makes it easy to furnish your new construction home with the decor you love. We can help you choose the right furniture for your:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Guest Suites
  • Play Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Dens
  • And more!

Our team is here to help you find your dream furniture in High Point, NC – one of the top furniture shopping locations in the nation and the world! From curtains and lamps to rugs and bedroom sets, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for at affordable prices.

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