How Shopping Concierge Services Win in the Age of Customer Experience

Thanks to the rapid growth of the Internet and online shopping portals in recent years, customers are becoming more informed about the products and services they are shopping for. However, there are still some limitations to shopping solo online or even going to a store and working with a sales clerk. When shopping for furniture, customers can benefit greatly from a concierge service that helps them not only pick out the best furniture for their needs but also provides a higher level of service. AdAge has talked about this emerging trend, explaining that brands are now becoming more customer-centric and realizing the value of concierge services.

Here are some ways shopping concierge services can win in the age of customer experience:

Anticipating a Customer's Needs

Concierge service providers learn as much as possible about the shopper before they make a single recommendation. Even though large companies can collect lots of data about customers who are similar to a certain shopper, it's not until you sit down with the shopper and talk to them about their likes, dislikes, interests, lifestyle, goals, and personality that you can really make recommendations that suit them.

Concierge service providers are able to take that extra step to provide customized solutions for their customers. They can conduct in-person or phone interviews, build rapport, and learn about each customer at a more personal level. This gives them valuable information about the shopper's interests so they can make recommendations that are the right fit for any particular shopper.

Curating Recommended Product Lists

Amazon has already mastered the art of suggestions and recommendations using an algorithm that makes recommendations based on past purchases and interests. Concierge service providers do the same thing in non-digital form — they are able to make recommendations and suggestions based on the customer's purchasing history and take things like upcoming birthdays, celebrations, or other life events into account. Since concierge service providers are focused on customer relationship-building, they can hone in on exactly what types of items a customer might be interested in at just the right time.

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